Known and Fixed bugs

Collider bugs:
Taichi (Player) is floating above the ground. [FIXED]
You can float near the chest.
if you go to "Spikes island" you can walk on the water. (and fall out of the world) [FIXED]
if you you zoom in to the max you will glide sideways thru the border. [FIXED]

If you remove a tree it disappears immediately.

If you remove a tree you can still move while the sawing sound is played.

If you you press "W" + "S" and let "W" go and again press"W" without the S key, You are walking with the idle animation.

If you spam "spacebar" you will jump while you are not supposed to.

Not a bug:
If you press "A" "S" or "D" you walk with a walking forward animation.

The particles of the water is above the bridge with the boat.
Updated: 12-6-2016                          

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